Wellness Center and Student Counseling


Combining the 3 fields of medicine, psychology, and physical education, the Wellness Center was established with the dual aims of research and providing services to nurture better health holistically?in both body and mind. Alongside services and research relating to personal development and exercising self-control, the Wellness Center also deals with improving athletic performance.

Our student counseling offers high quality services centered on individual consultations that draw on a psychodynamic approach inspired by and building on the theory of the late Keigo Okonogi, a former professor of the Faculty of Environment and Information.

The Wellness Center strives to continue developing counseling methods using new technologies such as video chat counseling. It also actively supports students’ personal development, and gives proposals on how to improve campus life at SFC informed by the insights of psychologists. The student counselors also teach courses titled “Physical and Mental Health for Campus Life” and “こころのエクササイズ” (exercises for the heart and mind) to help students work on their mental health.

Student Counseling

At the Wellness Center, experienced clinical psychologists are available for counseling services for students. This service is a valuable resource at SFC to promote better mental well-being, a fulfilling university life, and personal development. Do not hesitate to seek their support. Feel free to consult on anything that relates to student life, including your studies, relationships, career, and future plans. An English-speaking counselor is available.

Protecting Your Confidentiality

We strictly protect the confidentiality of information shared during counseling sessions. Without your consent, we will not disclose to other people any private information that you share. This includes your family, friends, or faculty members. The information shared during the session will in no way affect your academic record.

To those who would like a counseling session

Please inquire at the Wellness Center. You can also make an appointment by phone or e-mail.
 E-mail: gakuseisoudan@sfc.keio.ac.jp
 tel: 0466-49-3411

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